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Meet Maggie

I’m Maggie Johnson, a working mama in the trenches of full-time ministry with my heartthrob of a husband. If we're going to be friends, you should know about my three loves: coffee, carbs, and cardio - in that order. 

I have a squishy toddler who lets me kiss her cheeks and a furry pup who sheds like a teenager with dandruff.

Whether I’m training leaders in my church, serving clients through freelance writing, or changing dirty diapers at home, my influence leaves an impact.

I believe everyone has influence. From the stay-at-home mom covered in spit up to the college student pulling all-nighters to the CEO signing million-dollar deals, we all want to make a difference. You have the power to impact the systems and structures and silos that exist in your community.

But influence isn't intuitive. With the right tools and resources, you can change your world.