Spice Up Your Date Night

I get it - planning a fun date takes time and thought and energy that you just don't have. That's why it's so easy to slip into the typical dinner-and-a-movie routine, which is exactly what happened to my husband and me. Date nights that were once vibrant reflections of our youthful spunk quickly became so boring that we stopped making them a priority altogether. We had to make a decision.

Is our marriage worth the effort of creativity? 


We eventually answered yes, and that has given us permission to make date nights fun again! Maybe you're like us, stuck in a routine that leaves no room for spontaneity. You want to spice things up, but you need help getting started. Fear not, my friend! We're all in this together. Here are some ways to change things up without breaking the bank!

Attend a Wine & Canvas event.

Take a cooking class together.

Visit a museum (on a free day!).

Go to a wine tasting at a local winery.

Prepare a fancy dinner together at home.

Participate in a local 5k race.

Attend a fundraiser for a cause you both care about.

Play Truth or Dare.

Volunteer together. 

So, take a chance and plan something unexpected for your next couple's outing! I guarantee your partner will appreciate the effort. Tell me - what have been some of your favorite dates?

Maggie JohnsonComment