Worth the Risk

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. It’s why I don’t like playing laser tag or living in the country. It’s also why I keep a nightlight on while sleeping even though I’m a grown, adult woman. There’s something about darkness that feels unsafe and crippling. I know my fear is illogical, but paranoia has never been friends with reason. The day I read 1 John 1:5 was the best day of my life: “God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.” God is the opposite of everything I fear! He is secure, he is good, he is kind, and most importantly, he is light. There is no crack or crevice that can remain hidden when God shows up. Life with him means life in the light, which means we don’t have to hide anymore.

worth the risk.jpg

From the beginning pages of our story with God, we mastered the art of hiding. We cover up the parts of ourselves that we deem unworthy or useless. We tuck them away and present a polished, partial version of ourselves. The tragedy is that God’s power is most evident in the parts we push to the side. I don’t like it, but it’s Good News for the parts of myself that are hidden from view—the unfettered rage, the suspicion, and the anxiety. Bringing the mess of our lives into the light allows us to believe the truth about who God says we are. We will never truly believe that we belong until we know that we are fully accepted. We can’t be fully accepted unless we are fully known.

Have you been hunkered down in hiding? It’s time to walk in the light. In what way can you take a step out of hiding and into the light today? The first step might be scary, but the warmth of freedom is worth the risk.